The Complete Photoshop CC

Let me show you how easy it is to get started with Photoshop. How simple and fast you can make your pictures perfect.

This course is targeted towards beginners as well as users who have used Photoshop in the past but found it too complex and confusing and are looking for an easier way to learn how to accomplish tasks using Adobe Photoshop. You don't need any knowledge of Photoshop to start the course. I will explain everything as we move along the lessons.

Choose how and where you want to learn. At home, in the garden, on your travels or in the office.

What am I going to learn in this course?

  • Cropping Images
  • Straightening Images
  • Best practices for resizing images
  • How to edit/enhance images
  • Adjusting tonal range of images
  • How to work with text

The course will give you more confidence as a Photoshop user and will help you become a Photoshop power user. Every lesson is a step-by-step process guiding you through complexities of image editing in Photoshop CC.

What are the requirements?

  • no knowledge of Photoshop required

What am I going to get from this course?

  • edit images
  • use photoshop tools
  • create new documents
  • crop images
  • straighten images
  • work with photoshop layers
  • work with text in photshop
  • manage layers in photoshop
  • and much more

Course Introduction
Introducing Photoshop Interface
Exploring Tools and Options panel
Customise Your Photoshop Workspace
Set up Preferences
Open, Create New and Save Images
Resize Images
Colour Modes and Colour Spaces
File Formats Explained
Cropping Images
Straightening Images
Crop Multiple Images
Adjustments Explained
Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
Levels Adjustment
Curves Adjustment
Black and White
Vibrance Adjustment
Color Balance Adjustment
Enhance Image from Scratch
Basics of Layers
Layers Management
Transforming Layers
Styling Layers
Semi-Transparent Layers
Merging and Flatening Layers

What's included

  • 26 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Marek Mularczyk